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What is HMIS?

HMIS or Hospital Management Information System is a product that eases the task of managing a hospital. With this innovative hospital management software developed by Webgen Technologies, you can oversee and manage the day to day activities of a hospital easily. Patient care and medical help can also be meted out as this hospital automation system takes care of every little detail efficiently. HMS not only cuts down on paper waste but also keeps a record of every activity. Be it efficiently managing the patient records, checking the availability of doctors or cutting down time on the admission and discharge process, this Hospital Management System Software makes it possible to take care of everything in an organized manner.

Benefits of HMIS

If you are still wondering if you need a hospital management software, take a look at the benefits of having this system for your hospital.

Process Benefits

  • A centralized system that lets the admin monitor every aspect of the hospital system.
  • Data security is ensured through cloud backup and data encryption technology.
  • Record keeping is automated and eases the task of having to manually search for any information.
  • Patients can access information about your hospital, book appointments and even pay bills online with the Hospital Patient Information System.
  • Drug inventory management, doctor management, hospital staff management and other aspects of a medical institute can be easily supervised and guided.
  • Patients can be guided through sms alerts, email notifications, or app notifications to take their medicines, take vaccinations, etc.
  • A hospital information system cuts down on unnecessary costs as well as time.
  • HMIS also reduces the scope of error and each person is notified of their daily activities through this system.

Financial Benefits

  • Accommodate More Patients
  • Establish Quality Healthcare
  • Enable Cost-Effective Efficiency
  • Enhance Overall Performance

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Who we are

Webgen Technologies is an internet technology company that began its journey in the summer 2011. With a focus on delivering exceptional products and services to its wide customer base, the company offers a lot of niche based services. Some of the key offerings are bot development, sports betting website, gambling bots, travel booking website, etc. The Webgen Technologies’s HMIS is a unique offering by the company that aims to help hospitals, nursing homes and medical institutions to automate their work process and ease the task of maintaining a hospital.